Nishal Kallupalle




I am a Undergraduate Computer Science Major who enjoys programming, and I want to venture into Cloud Technology. I am currently working working on receiving an AWS Certification. As hobbies, I enjoy dabbling in stocks, and playing video games from time to time.

Current Projects

Working with lambda functions and AWS to send an SNS notification. Information sent is withdrawn from the web through an API involving a Python program. Also working Cyber Bullying Senior Design Project, where the team tries to recognize certain forms of bullying such as harassment.

Past projects

Created a Cyber Security Web Application that read in information, encrypted and stored it, then if user ever wanted to look at it, the web application would decrypt the text stored. The text could also be sent to other users and through email. Created a model greenhouse using Arduino, consisted of automated temperature sensing mechanisms, automated door locking and unlocking, and also automated lights.