Javier Pastorino


Email: javier.pastorino@ucdenver.edu
web: https://www.jpastorino.com/

Office Address: 1380 Lawrence St., LSC-320-E, Denver, CO, 80204


Following is an excerpt from https://www.jpastorino.com/, Dr. Pastorino’s personal website –

I got my BS degree in Engineering and Information Systems, and both my MSc. and Ph.D. in Computer Science. I worked in the IT industry and Academia for over twenty years. I am a former Sr. Database Administrator at DGI, Uruguayan Tax Administration Agency and I worked for more than three years as Project Manager focusing on mobile technology and point-of-sale systems. I have wide expertise in database systems. I worked with DBMS such as Informix, DB2, and Oracle, with plenty of knowledge of database theory. I am a former associate professor of database chair at Universidad ORT Uruguay, where I lectured in database theory and application courses for over six years.

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Denver. My research interests are in data management, artificial intelligence, privacy-aware machine learning, and cybersecurity.

You are welcome to browse Javier’s personal website at jpastorino.com to view a comprehensive list of his interests, research projects and publications.