Howard Holme




AB Stanford 1967, JD Yale Law School 1972, undergraduate at UC Denver

Research Interests

I’m currently interested in learning about genes that may cause autism, and genes that may cause aggressive prostate cancer.

Prof. Biswas and I hope to get 500,000 imputed, nearly complete, genomes of Chromosome 1, along with various phenotypes from the same people, almost all of British or Irish ancestry, from the UK Biobank. We hope to analyze those looking for particular patterns and copy number variants that might increase the chance for autism or other phenotypes.

I’m also interested in imputing a mostly complete genome from 23andme genotyping raw data, and then analyzing that against a Genome Hazard Score estimated under procedures developed by Siebert and the PRACTICAL International Consortium that finds 54 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPS) that seem to increase or decrease the risk of Prostate Cancer.