About us

We are a group of computer scientists with interest in theoretical developments of machine learning and deep learning with a practical use-case in mind. Right at the moment, much of the research in the lab is about solving problems in the natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) and responsible AI system design.


Making sense of data is possibly the biggest problem since the dawn of data science including machine learning and deep learning. As more data crunching algorithms are now being used in many disciplines to push the theoretical capability (if there is any!) of the algorithms and raising concerns on are we there yet?. We also build algorithms to analyze data, but with a focus on the bounds and architectural oversight of the algorithms we nurture.

Lab Members

Our research group is remarkably interdisciplinary. Our interests span genomics and molecular biology, cybersecurity, cognitive science, education and many other disciplines. Visit our people page to see more information on each person who works in the lab (publications, contact information, photos).


For PDFs of our work, visit our Research page.


Here are sponsors helping out developing the research lab.


Here are some cool people in fields that interest us. note: This list is in no way complete. We have a lot of collaborators – if you’ve collaborated with us and want a link here, let us know!

University of Colorado Denver:

University of Texas at Arlington:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas:

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley: